Fetch Screens From Networked Computers

Monitor all computer activities in real time on your network.

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Product Name License Qty. Cost per User

ScreenFetch Software

 1-9 users USD $29
 10-24 users USD $25
 25-49 users USD $20
 50-99 users USD $15
 100-199 users USD $10
 200 users or more USD $8

How to register the software after the order is processed ?

  • 1. After you place an order in Kagi order page, you will receive your TransactionID by email from Kagi within 24 hours.
    2. Click the "License" button in the ScreenFetch Server program, then a license window will pop out.
    3. Click "Add licences" button to go into a Online registration form, fill the Transaction ID, then click "OK". The software will be registered online automatically

If you cannot register the software online successfully, you may try it later, or try to use the offline registration method, You need to email us the hardware code of your server computer and we will generate a software license key for you., (You can find the hardware code if you click "Offline" in the registration from in the software)


  • If you have any questions about the price, please email to screenfetch@gmail.com
  • ScreenFetch Enterprise is a newly released  edition. Besides all features of Professional edition, Enterprise edition can monitor files that are that are renamed, modified deleted or created.
  • If you have existing client base and want to be a reseller, please also contact us at screenfetch@gmail.com

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  • If you have technical questions and you have already read through the F.A.Q.,
    please contact screenfetch@gmail.com
  • If you have some good ideas about the product,
    please contact us.
  • If you have existing client base and are capable to be a reseller, please also ontact us at screenfetch@gmail.com
  • If you need software to monitor computer activities with more time tracking details, you can try Track4win which is a sister product of ScreenFetch.