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ScreenFetch is a easy-to-use remote screen capture software to monitor all computer screens on the network. It can capture screenshots remotely from all network computers
so that you can sit in front of your own computer to view all the screens of the networked computers you wish to monitor. ScreenFetch is an inexpensive tool for tracking computer activities on your network.All the remote screens captured from client computers are continuous because they are taken at regular capture intervals. So you can view all computer screens remotely over network. Please try this remote screen capture software, free download is available!

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ScreenFetch offers you with the best and most affordable remote screen capture solution for employers. If you hire hire an employee to work for you full-time. Even though you trust them, you still want to make sure that they are utilizing their work time and your money reasonably. It means they are not abusing thier computers when they are getting paid to work for you. So you should have a screen capture monitoring system, like Screen Fetch, set up or installed on their computer that is activated and used by your employees. Even they, not you, are in complete control of their own computers, but you are able to remotely take some amount of random screen shots per hour of their desktop workspace. Therefore, this kind of remote desktop screen capture software will be very useful to help you monitor employee computer screens by remotely capturing their desktop screenshots.

Now many employers choose ScreenFetch as their remote screen capture logger, which can grab screenshots at random times over the course of a day. The remote screen capture program can also store those screenshots in a directory or folder so you can have individual employees review their own internet usage and computer activity, then they can hopefully understand the work policy.

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Advantages of ScreenFetch:

  1. 1. The remote screen monitoring software will take screen shot for particular interval on each network computer.
  2. 2. All networked computers will automatically send screen images to the server computer where you can view.
  3. 3. The monitoring agent will delete all the images from the remote system after sending it .
  4. 4.The remote screenshot capture software can run in complete stealth mode.
  5. 5. All screenshots of remote user can be stored in the server so that you can view the screen data later.
  6. 6. You can enlarge each remotely captured screenshot to clearly see what your employees are doing
  7. 7.Unable to detect by any antispyware or antivirus programs
  8. 8.Remote network feature is powerful enough so that you can canpture screens over internet.
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  • If you need software to monitor computer activities with more time tracking details, you can try Track4win which is a sister product of ScreenFetch.

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