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Monitor all computer activities in real time on your network.


ScreenFetch is low-cost software to monitor employee computer activity and watch their computer screens on your network.

How to track what employees are doing on their computers at work ? ScreenFetch offers the best software to monitor employee computer activities and get screens from all networked computers in your company. With ScreenFetch monitoring software, an employer can use a computer to collect all computer screens to know what happen on employees' desktops.

monitor employee computer

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Monitoring employee computer usage ( including internet and computer usage monitoring), is necessary for your company nowadays. You must choose a cost-effective computer activity monitoring software program and install it on your pc network to monitor employees' computer activity and Internet usage. You can use the software to monitor employee computer activity in your office and company. Downalod this computer activity monitoring tool to get free trial with full functionality and monitor web usage and computer activities for your business.

Monitor employee computer activity

ScreenFetch, a powerful and low price utility to monitor employee internet use, is the best way to monitor employees at workplace, track what your employees are doing on their computers in the office. Free download available and get free trial with full functions.

The above screenshot of the employe activity monitor shows that ScreenFetch can not only monitor all website addresses (URLs) visited by your employees, but also each web page and the time spent on each webpage. It is a low-cost solution to monitor employee computer activity. If you are seeking a software program for monitoring employee computer activity in your office, ScreenFetch is a perfect application for your business.

employee computer activity monitoring software is your best choice to improve employee performance at work. Download ScreenFetch, the best staff monitoring software.

In addition, ScreenFetch or later versions can monitor employee web usage by groups. And you also can just select a specific program (such as a browser application like Internet Explorer, IE)  to monitor. Campare other employee internet monigoring software, ScreenFetch is a better but affordable employee computer activity monitor !

Monitor employee computer activity and internet usage 
ScreenFetch is a wonderful employee activity tracking tool to monitor employee computer activity at home, shcool, and business. With powerful network monitoring support, ScreenFetch enables you monitor employee computer activity not only on a single PC, but also on a corporate network (LAN and WAN)

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As a company employer in the Internet age, you should realize the importance of employee computer monitoring and you should know how to track employee computer activity. Are you seeking software tools to monitor employees in your company? Is there a good but cheap software program for monitoring employee computer activity ?ScreenFetch is the best employee monitoring software to monitor employees in office. ScreenFetch help you monitor network computers. You can monitor employee computer activity easily.Try ScreenFetch to monitor employee web use at work! Using ScreenFetch is the best way to monitor employees internet usage in office.

So, ScreenFetch can help you resolve some important issues for your comany, which include: "how to monitor my employee computer activity ?" and "how do I monitor my employee computer usage ? ". Deploying ScreenFetch at your company is the best way to monitor employees computer use and stop internet and computer abuse.

ScreenFetch lets you use any PC to monitor web usage and pc activity. It tracks web site address visited and web page titles. It helps track employees internet usage at your company and Monitor web use at home. It provides you with a low cost solution to monitor employee computer activity! ScreenFetch lets you understand what is the best way to monitor computer use because of ScreenFetch's network computer monitoring feature. In addition, ScreenFetch can implement computer usage monitoring and become a time tracker. To monitor computer usage, ScreenFetch record all computer activities on each computer and collect the time information on each software application. So ScreenFetch is very good at monitoring computer usage.

employee computer activity tracking is becoming more and more routine in the world. No matter you need monitor employee computer activity at school or monitor employee web usage at business. You need to find a good software product to monitor internet use. But many employee computer activity tracking solutions are expensive and require additional network hardware. ScreenFetch allows you to monitor network and monitor employee computer activity without additional router, switch and hub. Therefore, it is not expensive to monitor employee computer activity. It is a free downloadable program package. Try our employee computer activity monitor software now!

You must realize internet and computer abuse at work is becoming serious when the internet and computer facilites are being popular around the world. You should be ready to monitor employee computer activity to prevent employees' Internet misuse. Among many internet usage monitors in the market, ScreenFetch is the best one for business because ScreenFetch has powerful tracking features. In addition to monitoring web usage, ScreenFetch can monitor program usage and record application run time on each monitored computer. On the other hand, it doesn't record personal private information, such as text,password, email content, log-in details, account numbers, personal information, individual files or other personal documents. It can implement the monitoring functions while at the same time considering privacy protection. ScreenFetch is the best and cheapest program to monitor employee computer activity. Choose ScreenFetch to Monitor web usage!

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=======Articles about employee internet and computer usage monitoring software==============

Employee Computer Activity Monitoring
ScreenFetch Computer Activity Monitoring Software is the best employee monitoring solution in the workplace!
This powerful employee monitoring software lets you to track any LAN (Local Network Area), giving you the most detailed records on what your network users performed. Whether it is a library public network, computer lab,university, school, or commercial organization network . ScreenFetch offers the best way to monitor all computer activities in the entire network.
Our employee monitor software has two parts: Server and Monitor. ScreenFetch server can be installed on any computer in the entire LAN. Remote spy software (Agent) is a small client program that is deployed on all computers on the network you wish to monitor. It can be installed even remotely from the computer with the Monitor program on it or via Active Directory in a Windows domain.
Any computer in the network under your control can be spied over local network or remotely. You may run this employee monitoring software so that it will record activity on all networked computers. This information or records can be later used for the further analysis and advanced report generation,for example, web log and detail log. Web Log will record all internet activities of a user being monitored, inlcuding website address (url) visitored, webpage titles, and how much time spent on each webpage. Detail Log is a report about when a computer activity happened, including a program run time, and the program title. There is also internet usage data in the Detail Log.
ScreenFetch Computer Activity Monitor has proved its good efficiency in increasing the overall productivity of employees in a company where it was used to track the local networks. This powerful tool can help improve your employee performance.

How to Monitor Employee Computer Activity
Although you believe your employees are hard working loyal and diligent workers, it is often necessary to monitor their computer activity in order to make sure they are being productive during the working hours. In order to view an employee's computer activity, use an activity-monitoring program that lets you to keep a log of all websites visited and programs opened on the computer. Activity-monitoring software programs are available for purchase online easily and can be installed on multiple computers on your network.

  • ScreenFetch (http://www.screenfetch.com/), This screen monitoring program records screenshots of all activities on an employee computer, You can enlarge each screenshot captured to view clearly what an employee is doing on his or her computer desktop. Because the screen capture feature can get screenshot continuously from the monitored computers every capture time interval you preset, so actually you will see computer activities happening on neighbourhood computers on your network. Moreover, you can log all the screenshots into your own computer so that you can view them later. On the other hand, you can check all the previous computer acitivity in case that you are away from your computer for some time.

  • Track4win (http://www.track4win.com/), This computer monitoring program track all activity on an employee computer, including website browsing , running software programs and application run time. Even though it doesn't record email messaging contents, instant messaging or chat and keystrokes (Probably the software author doesn't hope the software is too much intrusive and classified as spying sofware by some anti-spyware programs like Symantec, Norton),.the program allows you to take snapshots of another user's computer screen, which allows you to watch the desktop screenshot of the employee's computer activity. In addition to PC activity recording, the program also generates charts of the all sites visited and running applications in Windows and then stores the data on your main computer (Server). The software has Professional and Enterprise editions, the Enterprise edition of the monitoring program not only has all the above menitoned features, but also allows you to monitor file activities ( changes on documents, excel files, etc.). The feature includes recording some general file activities on an employee computer being monitored (modify, delete, file name change).. Features of the program include computer screen snapshots, pcr activity monitoring, file activity monitoring, and stealth mode deployment.
  • Other monitoring softwares like Net Spy Pro, Spector360 , Activities Monitor programs etc. These monitoring software products are very instrusive and also expensive and they are true spyware. Along with PC activity monitoring, these monitoring programs also let you to control any computers on your network that has the program installed in order to access email content, Internet browser use, documents and other programs. The programs can provide immediate access to employee Internet browsing history, live keystrokes, and activity logging to keep track of each employee's activity. Screen snapshots of employee desktops can be saved as image files on your server with a time-stamp on each picture file. Net Spy software also allows you to view simultaneous computer activity on network, and it includes contents blocking to prevent employees from viewing inappropriate programs or sites. Unlike ScreenFetch & Track4win that can offer 10-user free trial with full functionality, other programs don't provide free download..

If you want to see what your employees are doing on their computers on network please try ScreenFetch to monitor employee computer activities.Definitely, Track4win is anothe good option for you to monitor your employee computers.

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Want to watch your employees in the workplace ? Download ScreenFetch to monitor employee computer activity for your business !

ScreenFetch is the best software to monitor employee pc activity on network by capturing their computer screens.. It runs as a client/server mode. So It is the easiest way to track what your employees are doing on their computers, you can monitor employee computer activity from the computer you are using. Please download the software to get 10-user free trial.


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