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Monitor all computer activities in real time on your network.

General Product Features
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General Product Features:

  • I have 20 employees working on PC in the office, can I use my own computer to simultaneously monitor all 20 computer screens ?

Yes. You can use ScreenFetch to monitor all computer screens at the same time, and view all their PC desktops on your own computer.

  • Should I have to install a monitoring agent program on each computer I wish to monitor ?

Yes. You must install ScreenFetch Client program on each computer I wish to monitor, and install ScreenFetch Server programon the computer you wish to view all the screens being monitored..

  • Will ScreenFetch slown down my network and computers ? Will it consume many bandwidth and system resources ?

No. ScreenFetch uses a little system resource and bandwidth/traffic on the network. In addition, when you monitor many screens at a time, you can decrease the Resolution of screenshots to reduce the network transfer load, You may adjust the Resolution setting in the Server program.

  • Can I see each monitored screen clearly so that I can know what my employees are doing on their computers?

Yes. ScreenFetch will let you clearly see each monitored computer screen to know your employee computer activity . You can double click each screenshot to enlarge the screen to actual size.

Download, Installation, and Stealth Mode:

  • How many days are allowed for evaluation? Are there any limitations in the trial version?.

There is no functionality limitation except the free trial version is for 15-day and 10-user evaluation. After registration, you will get full functionality permanently.

  • Where should I download the software package ?

You should download ScreenFetch software package on our Download web page.

  • How to use the download files to install ScreenFetch ?

The program has two parts: ScreenFetch Server and ScreenFetch Client. You need install ScreenFetch Client program on each computer you wish to monitor, install ScreenFetch Server program on the computer where you receive the monitoring information and view the screenshots collected from the client computers.

In ScreenFetch Client program, you must input the the server's computer name or its IP address in the Server Name/IP field. (The default setting is127.0.0.1, which is for a single standalone computer monitoring. You must change it for networked computer monitoring). Usually, this setting is the most important for ScreenFetch setup.

You don't need a formal server, and you can use any computer as a server machine to monitor other computers

  • Where do I need to install and run ScreenFetch Server and ScreenFetch Monitor ? For example, I want to use computer A (my computer) to monitor the activity of computer B, C, and D.

You should run ScreenFetch Server on computer A, and run ScreenFetch Client on the other three computers: B, C, and D.
If you want to use ScreenFetch to track your own PC (computer A), you have to run both ScreenFetch Server and Monitor programs on the same PC (computer A).

  • I cannot see any sreens show up on my Server computer after I installed ScreenFetch Server on my computer, and install ScreenFetch Client in the computers I wish to monitor. Do I have to do something to set it up? Those computers are already connected on the same computer network.

You must correctly set the ScreenFetch server Name or its IP address) in the Client program. Otherwise, the Monitor doesn't know where it should send the screenshots captured.
(ScreenFetch Client program--> Server IP/Name )

  • Can I install and run Monitor in total "Stealth Mode" ? Will the Monitoring component be "Hidden"?

Yes. You can run the programs in a stealth mode. You can hide the program, no matter they are the Client or the Server programs, when they are running,

  • After I hide all Monitor icons, how can I reactivate Monitor window because sometimes I need to exit or change Monitor settings?

There are Hot Keys to simply activate Monitor and Server. When you click the Hide button in the program, there is a message will tell you a hot key combination to activate the programs when they are running stealthly.

  • If I want to fill the server's IP address into the Server Name field in Monitor Options. How can I find the server's IP address ? My server is using XP.

For Windows XP etc. on the server machine, you may go to Run, type CMD (for COMMAND Prompt) and type "ipconfig" to get the IP address for the server.

Payment, License, Registration, and Upgrade:

  • How many product licenses I need to purchase if I want to use my computer to monitor other 8 computers ?

At least 8. The quantity of license you need to purchase depends on how many users you want to monitor at a time. You don't need to count the server for license quantity. But if you also want to monitor/track your own computer (the server), then you need to purchase at least 9 licenses.

Please note that the price listed in our BuyNow page is cost per user, if you need monitor any N users at the same time, you need to purchase N licenses. Therefore, precisely the license unit cost is on user basis.

  • Is the software cost one-off payment ? Do I need to pay any annual fee ?

The cost is one-off payment. You don't need to pay any annual fee. We offer free email support.

  • Can we order ScreenFetch with PO (Purchase Order) ? How to proceed ?

Yes. We sell ScreenFetch through Kagi, an e-commerce company in CA, USA. (www.kagi.com). Kagi accepts PO. You must also place an order online. And select "Purchase Order" as the payment method. Then follow the instructions thereafter.
Although unorthodox by many business-to-business standards, Kagi's purchase order processing details are fairly specific and can be found at: http://shop.kagi.com/help/48
If you have any questions about the order process, please contact Kagi directly.
Kagi email: help@kagi.com telephone: +1 (510) 658-5244 FAX +1 510-652-6589
Kagi's mailling address:
1442-A Walnut Street, #392
Berkeley, CA 94709-1405

  • Do I need to register ScreenFetch for both ScreenFetch Client and Server programs?

No. To register ScreenFetch, you just need to use Server's Hardware Code. The registration process in on ScreenFetch Server side only.

  • How to register ScreenFetch software after my order is processed?

1. After you place an order in Kagi order page, you will receive your TransactionID by email from Kagi within 24 hours.
2. Click the "License" button in the ScreenFetch Server program, then a license window will pop out.
3. Click "Add licences" button to go into a Online registration form, fill the Transaction ID, then click "OK". The software will be registered online automatically

If you cannot register the software online successfully, you may try it later, or try to use the offline registration method, You need to email us the hardware code of your server computer and we will generate a software license key for you., (You can find the hardware code if you click "Offline" in the registration from in the software)

  • I am using ScreenFetch and want to order additional licenses. How should I do ?

When you need more licenses:

* Order the additional licenses online on the BuyNow page
* Register the software again with new order's Transaction ID (Click "Add Licenses" in to do the online registration again)

Using ScreenFetch and Data Management:

  • How can I get screenshot from the monitored desktop ?

ScreenFetch Server program can automatically capture creenshots from the client computers on which the ScreenFetch Client program is running, As long as the Server Name/IP setting in the Client program is correct, the server will get screenshots from the client machines continuously.

  • Can I know what my employees are doing on their computers real-time? I want to know each computer desktop ?

Yes. Screen Fetch monitoring software can automatically capture computer screenshots at regular intervals which you can adjust. So you can view continuous computer activites of each employee being monitored.

  • How can I adjust the capture time interval?

It is easy. The screenshot capture interval setting in on the ScreenFetch Server program. You can adjust the interval time to meet your screen capture monitoring needs.

  • Can I monitor computers via Internet (or WAN/VPN,etc.) ?

Yes. Basically, ScreenFetch can monitor computers in different locations via Internet/WAN/VPN. You must use the server's IP address (instead of server's computer name) in the Server Name field in Client program. Another important issue is that you must make sure the server machine where you run ScreenFetch Server has an unchanged IP address across Internet/WAN/VPN. That is, the server machine's IP in the Internet/WAN/VPN should be unchanged. If it is not feasible, you may also use some third party software to implement this. Here is one solution: http://www.bizvnn.com/

  • Can I manipulate the data by myself and create my own report?

Yes. Standard version ScreenFetch is using an Access database to record data, so you can read it using ACCESS, VC, VB, DELPHI to create your own report or application for free. The database is open to users.

  • Which network port does ScreenFetch use ?

ScreenFetch uses UDP 9889 to send the data.

System Requirements:

  • Do I need to purchase additional hardware if I want to monitor all computers in a computer network?

No. You can use any computer to monitor all computers in a network.

  • What are the computer system requirements to run ScreenFetch Server and ScreenFetch Client?

    Client program Requirements:

    • IBM compatible PC with a Pentium-Class Microprocessor.
    • 3 MB free disk space.
    • TCP/IP network protocol.
    • Wn98/me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Vista, Windows 7.

    Server Requirements:

    • IBM compatible PC with a Pentium-Class Microprocessor.
    • 3 MB free disk space.
    • TCP/IP network protocol.
    • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Vista, Windows 7, you must have Administrator privilege to run the ScreenFetch Server.

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