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Monitor all computer activities in real time on your network.


Employee Activity Monitor - ScreenFetch can monitor employee activities by taking screenshots from their computers over network

ScreenFetch is the best software to monitor employee activities on all networked computers in the workplace.
The program can capture screenshots from monitored computers on network automatically at regualr time intervals. So it offers the simple way to monitor employee computer activity on network.

employee activity monitor

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To increase business productivity, you must have an easy way to monitor employees activities on their computers in a company. You may capture employee computer screens in order for monitoring employee computer activity. It is important to choose a cost-effective employee activity monitoring software product. ScreenFetch is the best software to monitor employee activity on network.! You can use the software to get screenshots of each employee's computer desktop every time interval you preset, so that you can monitor employee computer behaviors in your office. Downalod this employe activity monitor tool to get free trial with full functionality .

The Best software to Monitor Employee Activity

ScreenFetch, a low cost and effective utility to monitor employee computer use. It is a simple way to monitor employees at workplace by just recording screenshots of their computer screens. Free download is available and all users can get free trial with full functions.

The above screenshot shows that ScreenFetch can not only simply get a screenshot from a remote computer desktop, but also record screenshots of eah employee computer activity continuously and log them as image files so that you can view later when you have time to evalute employee performance in business hours.

Employee activity monitor software is your best way to increase employeeproductivioty at work. Download ScreenFetch, the best staff activity monitoring software for free trial on your office LAN netwok.

Monitor employee internet activity and computer usage 
ScreenFetch is an easy-to-use employee computer activity tracking solution and pc monitoring tool to watch employee computer activities over network in the workplace. With its network activity monitoring feature, ScreenFetch enables you monitor employee network computers by taking screen shots and view all the screens on your own computer. The employee activity monitoring program can capture computer screens over network (including LAN, WAN VPN, Internet)

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As a company employer, you should realize the importance of employee Internet monitoring and you should know how to track employee computer activity and Internet usage. Are you seeking software tools to monitor employees in your company? Is there a good but cheap software program for monitoring employee internet usage ? ScreenFetch is the best employee monitoring software to monitor employees activities in office. ScreenFetch help you monitor network computers. You can monitor employee internet usage and their pc activities easily. Try ScreenFetch to monitor employee desktop screens at work to know their web usage and computer behaviors. Using ScreenFetch is the best way to monitor employees computer usage in office.

So ScreenFetch can help you resolve some important issues for your comany, which include: "how to monitor my employee internet usage ?" and "how to monitor my employee computer activity. ". Deploying ScreenFetch at your company is the best way to monitor employees internet use and stop internet abuse.

ScreenFetch can allow you to use any PC to monitor web usage. It tracks web site address visited and web page title. It helps track employees internet usage at your company and Monitor web use at home. It provides you with a low cost solution to monitor employee internet usage! ScreenFetch lets you agree it is not difficult to Monitor web use because of ScreenFetch's network monitoring feature. In addition, ScreenFetch can implement computer usage monitoring and become a time tracker. To monitor computer usage, ScreenFetch record all computer activities on each computer and collect the time information on each software application. So ScreenFetch is very good at monitoring computer usage.

Employee Internet activity tracking is becoming more and more routine in the world. When you monitor employee computer activities at business, you need to find a good software product to monitor employee desktop activity and internet usage. But many employee activity tracking solutions are expensive and require additional network hardware. ScreenFetch allows you to monitor network computer screens without additional hardware or facility such as router, switch/hub and even additional monitor. Therefore, it is not expensive to monitor employee pc activity. It is a free downloadable program package. Try our employee activity monitoring software now!

You must realize internet abuse is becoming serious when workers frequently use computer and internet . You should be ready to monitor employee computer activity to prevent employees' Internet and pc misuse. Among many internet usage monitors in the market, ScreenFetch is the best one for business because ScreenFetch has powerful desktop screen monitoring features. ScreenFetch can monitor employees' behavior on computer and record employee computer activity over network. On the other hand, it doesn't record personal information, such as private text,password, email, chat content, log-in details, account numbers,individual files or other personal documents. It can implement the employee activity monitoring functions while at the same time considering employee privacy protection. ScreenFetch is the best and cheapest program to monitor employee activity on network. Choose ScreenFetch to know more about your employee behavior on their computers!

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ScreenFetch, an easy- to-use employee activity monitor software program, is a simple solution that records all employee computer activity, especially it can log screenshot of each computer screen so that you can know your employee's computer desktop activity. Our Employee activity monitor program can quickly detect and offer you the evidence you need to prove that your employees are abusing computers in the workplace and business work time. It can operate in total stealth mode- much better than other popular spyware detection tools. ScreenFetch, the easy and best employee activity monitor application is a desktop employee monitoring software with remote network screen capture features which are useful for real-time network computer monitoring and employee activity monitoring.

ScreenFetch employee activity monitoring solution can store the captured screenshots as the monitoring logs in a server compute where you can view continuous screen activities of each client computer you wish to monitor.

Key features of this best employee activity monitor software:

ScreenFetch can monitor employees computer activities and grab screens from all network computers in the workplace. The app can automatically capture screenshots at regular intervals from every remote computer you want to monitor on network. With ScreenFetch employee monitoring software, an employer can use a pc as the server to collect all computer screens on the network to know what happen on employees' desktops and their computer activities.

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Want to monitor employees ? Download ScreenFetch to monitor employee computer activity for your business !

ScreenFetch is the best software to monitor employee activity on network. The program runs as a client/server mode. So It is the easiest way to track what activities on your employees computers, and you can monitor employee computer screens from the server of which you sit in front.

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