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ScreenFetch is a powerful computer desktop monitoring software to capture desktop screens from computers you wish to monitor on your network. The software is an inexpensive tool for monitoring Internet usage and computer activities. If you are looking for a software program to monitor employees, please try ScreenFetch, which can monitor desktop usage and monitor network computers' activities. This desktop monitoring software is for free download and 10-user free trial!

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Screenshot of Desktop Monitoring Software

ScreenFetch is a powerful and low cost desktop monitoring software product for computer usage  monitoring.

From this screenshot, you can know ScreenFetch can not only  for monitoring each desktop screen of all computers on your network, but also can get continous screenshots from those desktops being monitored. Therefore, this desktop monitoring software program provides you with the best way to monitor employees on your network to keep track of the employee performance in your company.

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Generally speaking, employee desktop Monitoring Solutions are expensive for many small- mid size business. Can employers have a pc monitoring product that is affordable and effective? Yes.  ScreenFetch monitoring software enables you to monitor computer desktops and track employee computer usage. 

As you know, desktop Monitoring is useful for a company to prevent computer and internet abuse at workplace. ScreenFetch desktop Monitoring software allows you to fetch desktop screenshots from computers then to monitor each pc usage on your network. Many managers realize that employees are wasting too much time using their company resources including desktops or lap tops for personal reasons, such as chat, online shopping and day trading. Harassment lawsuits resulting from employees visiting and downloading pornography are on the rise. This desktop and laptop computer misuse can also reduce your Internet bandwidth to a mere trickle.

ScreenFetch is a wonderful desktop monitoring tool to monitor pc usage at home and business. With powerful network monitoring functions, ScreenFetch enables you track desktop usage not only on a single PC, but also on a corporate network computers (LAN and WAN/ desktop/intranet)

In addition, ScreenFetch allows you to use any computer acting as a server to capture desktop Screenshot from other networked computers. It helps monitor employees desktop or laptop usage at your company and home. It provides you with a low cost-effective solution to monitor desktop screens. ScreenFetch lets you monitor any desktop screens because of its network monitoring feature.

What is the most popular and inexpensive employee computer monitoring software ? It is ScreenFetch, an desktop screen monitoring software application to enable you to record desktop sreenshots across a computer network (Lan and Wan). As a computer monitoring software product, ScreenFetch can monitor all networked computers and get the screenshots from their desktops at the same time. 

ScreenFetch is a good simple program for monitoring computer usage by taking screeshots from desktops of the network computers. It is easy to use and delpoy. You can site in front of your desktop to view all the screens of those laptop or desktop computer

ScreenFetch desktops monitoring software enables businesses to track how their employees use the desktop computers, reducing Internet abuse, improving productivity, conserving network bandwidth and storage costs, and mitigating employment dispute.

  • Desktop Monitoring technology

SreenFetch can catch screenshots from each desktop screen at regular intervals so you can view continuous computer activities of network computers under monitoring, You are able to monitor all desktops simultaneously on network. So ScreenFetch PC Monitoring software allows you to view the computer activity on each desktop to immediately know how the computer is used by a user in your organization.

  • FREE 15-day trial

    You can try this superb computer desktop monitoring software for free! Free Trial to monitor all desktop use on network.

  • Low Price Desktop Tracker Solution

ScreenFetch offers a low price desktop usage monitoring alternative. There is no additional hardware and software required for desktop monitoring. Unlike many desktop monitoring solutions, ScreenFetch allows you to spend a very little money for monitoring desktopI!

  • Effective Monitoring Solution on Network

      ScreenFetch uses the most effective monitoring method for desktop activity tracking. The network screen capture technologies can automatically take screenshots from desktops being monitored on network no matter it is LAN (local area network) or WAN (wide area network.). The software is easy to install, works seamlessly in your pc network, and is available on all the Windows platforms.

ScreenFetch is an effective and low cost desktop monitoring product.

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Desktop Monitoring Software - Track employee computer activities at work

When your employees work on their computers, no matter they type on the keyboard,drag or drop files in Windows Explorer, open a new application, some digital data or information will be transmitted. These data can be collected by a desktop monitoring program or desktop spy software, which can be installed on a computer at the operating system or the assembly level . You or the employer, receiving the captured desktop data can see each word being typed and can get the screenshots what the user is seeing on each desktop screen.

Desktop monitoring programs, like ScreenFetch, have the ability to record screenshots of the desktops being monitored. All the screenshots captured will be sent to the person who installed the monitoring program or recorded and sent to a server where you will receive all the screenshots of computer desktops. Usually you may need a system administrator account to view those deskop monitoring data.

Desktop monitoring programs can be set up in two ways:
Steathly and Remotely - A computer user runs a script or a program when they log in their Windows or through Active Directory. and the result will install and run desktop monitoring software
instealth mode. With this method, you don't need to go to each computer to install the monitoring agent application.
Directly and Physically - Someone goes to each client computer and installs the software one by one.

Some desktop monitoring programs are too intrusive to obtain user passwords. Intercept programs, because they record mouseclicks and keystrokes. Employers can use the desktop monitoring program to read e-mail and see any program that is open on your screen. Desktop replicating software captures the image on the computer screen by intercepting desktop action signals that are being transmitted over network to the computer's video card. Then the images are streamed across the network to the system administrator. Some prepackaged programs include an alert system -- when a user visits an objectionable Web site or transmits inappropriate text, the system administrator is alerted to these actions. But employers don't need to install software to track employee computer use. There are actually systems built into every computer that make finding out what employees have been doing very easily.

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How to monitor an employee desktop computer ?

As an employer, you will always want to keep track of your employee performance and increase their productivity. You may ask the manager of your IT department: How do i monitor employee desktop without their knowledge ? What is the best employee desktop monitoring software that is very affordable ? The answer is simple: ScreenFetch is one of the best desktop monitoring tools. It can not only perform desktop computer monitoring, but also a very low-price network desktop monitoring software that allows to monitor all desktop screens on your local network (LAN) or even implement remote desktop monitoring over internet if you have a server that has an static IP in the Internet. If you use ScreenFetch monitoring software to monitor desktop activities in the workplace, you can easily monitor employees desktops by recording desktop activities. Unlike other LAN desktop spy monitor software, ScreenFetch doesn't log sensitive personal information, it just track the desktop screens of your employees. It is easy to use and offer free download.

Download and install ScreenFetch as your desktop monitor software to monitor all laptops and desktops on network. You will find it is best way to monitor employee computers in your office.

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