Fetch Screens From Networked Computers

Monitor all computer activities in real time on your network.

ScreenFetch - The Best Computer Screen Monitoring Software

ScreenFetch can automatically get screenshots at regular intervals from every computer you wish to monitor on network.

ScreenFetch can monitor employee computer screens in the workplcae, or monitor your kids' PC screens at home to stop computert abuse.

It is the best Computer Screen Monitoring Software for your office and home.

Key Features

  • Capture screenshots automatically from any computer you wish to monitor
  • Monitor and view multple computer screens at a time .(Multi-user monitoring)
  • Monitor computer screens over network ( Remote screen capture)
  • Take screenshots at regular capture intervals which can be adjustable
  • Monitor all computer activities continuously in real time
  • View each screen clearly by enlarging the screenshot size
  • Stealth/Silent installation and invisible running

Usage Scenarios

Employee Computer Screen Monitoring:
  • Monitor employee computer activities and ask those employees who are abusing company resources back to work immediately. ScreenFetch is a superb employee monitoring software to track what your employees are doing on their computers!
  • Find out why some workers are not the productive employees in your compnay, Screen Fetch moitoring software is helpful for employee evaluation.
  • Remotely watch your employee computer screens over LAN (Local Area Network) or even Internet.
Computer Activity Tracking:
  • Prevent computer and Internet misuse! As the best screen monitoring software, ScreenFetch can track internet activities on each monitored computer.
  • Track computer usage and record each pc activity. It is a great PC monitoring software program.
  • Offer free download to try the best software to monitor computer screen.
At School:
  • Monitor the desktops of all workstations in a computer lab
  • Capture a screenshot on pc which a student log on in the computer network
  • Snap a couple of computer screens at a time
At Home:
  • Monitor what your kids are doing on your computer and track their web usage,
  • Track how much time your kids spend on Internet and computer
  • Log your children's computer screens and prevent them from harmful Internet contents, ScreenFetch is a useful internet activity monitoring software for parental control!
Internet Cafe/Computer Bar:
  • Help to check whether there is a computer is malfunction
  • Prevent any misconduct of software license and misuse of the computers


ScreenFetch can automatically capture screenshots on each computer you are monitoring. With its powerful network monitoring feature, ScreenFetch can easily get screenshots of all monitored computers over network. You can sit in front of your computer to view those screens clearly every preset capture interval. ScreenFetch is an inexpensive program to monitor pc screens and track computer activities on network.

ScreenFetch Features:
  • Collect continuous screenshots from desktop of each computer being monitored.
  • View all live computer screens at a time
  • Multi-user pc screen monitoring on a network
  • Real-time desktop or laptop monitoring for each pc user/employee
  • Capture time Interval can be adjusted and preset
  • Each screenshot can be enlarged and viewed clearly
  • Screen capture from remote computers (Remotely monitor employee computer screen)
  • Remote Stealth/Silent deployment/installation for Monitor program
  • Monitor PC screens over LAN, WAN or Internet if a server's IP is unchanged
  • Free download available with full functionality evaluation
  • Free e-mail support
  • No additional hardware required
  • Easy-to-use and easy deployment


Notes: SysTracker has been renamed to ScreenFetch.Please read our What's New Page.
awarded ScreenFetch
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awarded ScreenFetch
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awarded ScreenFetch
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awarded ScreenFetch
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awarded ScreenFetch
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awarded ScreenFetch
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  • If you have technical questions and you have already read through the F.A.Q.,
    please contact ScreenFetch@gmail.com
  • If you have some good ideas about the product,
    please contact us.
  • If you have existing client base and are capable to be a reseller, please contact us at ScreenFetch@gmail.com.
  • If you need software to monitor computer activities with more time tracking details, you can try Track4win which is a sister product of ScreenFetch.

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